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스카이프 화면공유

해외에 있는 친구나 지인과의 채팅 또는 영상통화를 할때 스카이프 메신저 너무 좋죠~
여러 좋은 기능들이 있지만 오늘은 화면공유에 관한 팁을 알아봅니다.

상대에게 본인의 컴퓨터 작업을 보여주고 싶을 때가 있죠?
한국어로 된 설명은 “스카이프 화면공유” 키워드로 한번만 검색해도 많은 글들이 나옵니다.

하지만, 외국인에게 설명을 해 줘야할 때 답답한 경우가 있더라구요~
영어가 짧은 그대에게 영문 화면공유 가이드를 올려봅니다. 한글로 나온 설명과 같답니다.

How do I share my screen in Skype for Windows desktop?

Screen sharing lets you share your computer screen with anyone on Skype. It’s perfect for business presentations, showing photos to friends and family, or showing what’s on your computer screen.

To share your screen:

  1. Start a voice or video call.
  2. After the call has started, click the + button in the call bar and select Share screens. 
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click Start to share your entire screen. If you have more than one monitor attached to your computer, you will be able to choose which monitor to share.
  4. You can change your screen sharing options at any time by clicking the Change sharing options icon in the floating call window. 

    To share a specific window rather than your entire screen, click the down arrow button and select Share a window. 

    Then, select the window you want to share and click Start.

  5. When you want to stop sharing your screen, in the floating call window click Stop sharing.

Only one person can share their screen at a time, although you can switch presenters at any time and as often as you like.

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